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What to Know Before Becoming a Direct Selling Agent

Direct selling companies provide their representatives with boundless freedom in marketing and selling their product which is probably why it is very attractive to some who cannot find themselves in front of a desk 8 hours a day. There are also a few ways one can earn by being part of a direct selling company – which is considered part of the perks.

Be prepared to defend yourself

“Direct Selling provides an opportunity open to absolutely everyone background, specialized skills or capital worth”


There are a TON of companies out there

If you are thinking about venturing into direct selling but cannot decide if it is really the profession for you, keep on reading. Below is a rundown of some of the most important things you need to know before jumping into this type of profession.

1. Direct Selling Involves Selling

Before making a bold career move and beginning your journey as a direct selling agent you have to understand that direct selling is involves selling. That means, you should be able to push your product or service to prospective clients. When choosing a career in direct selling, one must be prepared to accept rejection after rejection before you get to close a sale.

It is also important that you can converse and relate to others really well. Oftentimes, companies capitalize on the social skill set of their employees as much as they invest on their product or service line. You must be confident in conducting demonstrations, hosting parties and networking in order to increase your chances for success.

2. There are a TON of companies out there

Because direct selling is such a lucrative venture, you might be overwhelmed by the number of companies that are always on the lookout for their next direct sales agent superstar. Be sure to find a company and a product you believe in. Keep in mind that you will be selling this product to as much people as you can and customers can smell a phony from a mile away so be sure to find a company that you can personally vouch for.

3. Be prepared to defend yourself

Once you become a direct selling agent, you will encounter a good number of people who will associate you and your business to the pyramid scam. This is where you need to do ample amount of research in order to be able differentiate yourself from this illicit business model. Direct selling agents DO NOT EARN BY RECRUITING PEOPLE INTO THEIR PROGRAM. While there are some companies who incentivize this, it must be known that this is just a perk and not the end all be all for earning. Also, businesses who take part in the pyramid scheme also provide their members with products of NO VALUE. Direct selling companies work hard to come up with useful products of great value to its members and the end users.

Direct selling, just like any profession under the sales spectrum, requires you to have a thick skin and confidence to push products without being too pushy – knowing how to do so requires dedication, training and perseverance, just like any other profession out there.

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