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4 Questions to Ask Before Becoming a Direct Seller

In case you are still not aware, direct selling can be a lucrative profession that can give you insurmountable amounts of freedom – not having to clock in at a 9 to 5 with limitless earning potential. Sounds like a dream job? Well, just like any profession, direct selling is not for everyone. It is a cut throat industry that requires determination and perseverance.

“Succeeding in sales involves the right amount of skill set, determination and innate talent. ”


Just like any other job, one must be willing to hustle in order to make it on top. If you are considering a career in direct selling, answer the questions we have below to find out if you have what it takes to make it in this industry.

1. Do you enjoy freedom?

There are individuals who strive in a highly flexible working environment while there are those who succeed in a structured and rigid one. If you are the type who enjoys freedom in the workplace, then direct selling might be for you.

Direct sales agents have the liberty to do business wherever they want and most of them turn their homes into their mini headquarters – that means going to work takes only a few strides every day. This boundless freedom makes direct selling a good career opportunity for stay-at-home-moms, students or those who simply want to work on their own time.

2. Do you enjoy socializing?

Direct selling heavily relies on networks and connections so if you are a social butterfly who doesn’t bat an eyelash at the idea of talking to strangers, then this might be the right career for you. But be warned, direct selling requires a certain level of social etiquette. Just because you can chat up a storm, doesn’t mean you know how to socialize according to proper business standards. It is important that you know how to respect other people’s boundaries (i.e. knowing when to call, how to begin a pitch, etc.

If you are thinking about getting a career in this highly competitive field, be sure to talk to experienced direct sales agents first to see how they do business.

3. Are you fazed by rejection?

By now you should know that direct sales agents almost always find themselves at the receiving end of rejection. If you are the type who easily gets demotivated by rejection then this might not be the right career path for you. If you are, however, someone who enjoys challenges it is safe to assume that you will definitely succeed in this field.

But do not be discouraged, direct selling is a highly flexible career that gives ample amount of learning curve for those who are just starting out. Give it some and see if you can warm up and step up to the challenge.

4. You were born for sales.

A big chunk of a direct sales agent’s job description involves pitching and selling products. Succeeding in sales involves the right amount of skill set, determination and innate talent. There are those who may seem like they know what they are doing but fail to connect with prospective clients therefor decreasing their chances of closing a sale. Remember, there is more to pitching a sale than just rambling about the benefits of a product as if you are reading off a brochure. Sales’ pitching is about adapting to the needs of your potential customer and answering as much concerns that they have.

There is more to direct selling that meets the eye. Although it may seem like direct sales agents have it easy, there is really much to learn about this highly rewarding career. If you do not have the qualities mentioned above, do not be dithered – as mentioned, direct selling is a highly flexible profession that provides ample amount of learning opportunity for those willing to do the grind.

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