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Annoying Mistakes Direct Selling Agents Make

Direct selling is a cut throat sales position that requires years of training and mastery before one pats it down to a T. There are a lot of novice direct selling agents out there who try to expedite their learning process by skipping the training and just getting on to the selling part. Doing so puts you in a position where you can be considered annoying. Yes, direct selling agents can be annoying (we admit that) but with the proper training and experience, they can be one of the best sales agents out there.

reading off the pamphlet
talking too much

“I found in direct selling companies an education system designed to draw out rich person in you.”


negotiating far too quickly

Avoid scaring off potential clients by knowing the biggest mistakes direct selling agents make on a daily basis. Below you will find some of the biggest pet peeves customers have about direct selling agents so you can avoid contributing to the stereotype!

1. Reading off the pamphlet

Just like in the office, you will encounter direct selling agents who are a bit too cocky and confident. They think they can get away with murder just by blabbing about the benefits of X product and how it has changed the lives of millions of users.

Keep in mind that your potential clients are one of the most sceptical listeners you’ll ever encounter – you are, after all, asking for their time and money. Avoid being labelled a phony and make sure to sound as honest and truthful as you can be.

Don’t you just hate it when companies and businesses provide you with canned responses? Well, that’s what a phony sales pitch sounds like. Learn to adapt your pitch and learn to listen to your customers in order to provide them with a pitch that rings true to their needs.

2. Talking too much

Big part of the job requires you to talk about the brand and product to a lot of people – and that means doing a lot of talking. While there is nothing wrong about being able to go on and on about a particular product, one must learn to edit. Instead of demonstrating, engage potential customers by turning it into a conversation. Allow them to ask questions and keep everything brief.

3. Negotiating far too quickly

While it is true that direct selling agents rely on sales to generate revenue, there is nothing more annoying than someone who tries to close the deal even before you are done shaking hands. There is danger in closing a sale far too soon. This gives potential clients the impression that you are only after their money and are not invested in educating them about your brand and business nor are you interested in answering any questions they might have. While it is true that time is money, you have to give your customers enough time to decide whether they want to buy or not. Also, ditching a prospect right away after they say no can give off the impression that you do not value the time they lent you. Be respectful of their time, make your meeting substantial and brief.

4. Going too overboard with white lies

It is known that we as sales representatives have to find better ways to discuss the weak points of our product – we can refer to this as positive scripting. But once in a while you will encounter a sales agent who has nothing – as in nada- bad to say about a particular product.

Look, you have to understand that your product is great but it is not perfect. Going overboard with white lies can send off warning signals to your potential clients.

Keep in mind that you are selling products that are OF VALUE. There is no need for you to go overboard with the benefits and functionalities. Present it as it is and answer any questions as honestly as you can.

Above are just some of the biggest mistakes (old and new) direct sales agents make. Direct selling is truly a cut-throat industry, by providing potential clients with honest, fair and time-worthy service, you are already a cut above the rest.

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